The Victorian Steampunk Society      One of the leading organisations for Steampunks in the World.  The VSS serves to facilitate and promote Steampunk as a social community and art movement. 

British Steampunk Community      A facebook group which serves to help Steampunks in the UK get together with their fellows.  A place to share events and news.

The 3rd Foot & Mouth    Homepage of The Devils in Skirts.  The Foot and Mouth are dedicated to celebrating the Carry on Movies and raising money for charities. 

Brassgoggles   The "lighter side of steampunk".  The World's foremost online forum for Steampunks.

Weekend at the Asylum   Probably the best Steampunk Festival in the World.

Island of Dr Geof    Home of Doctor Geof, eccentric creative genius, creator of comics, co-conspirator on steampunky projects  and champion of tea.

Empires   A fantastic web comic by our good friend and acclaimed writer and artist Mr Robert Rankin

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