Thadeus Tinker is well known in Steampunk circles across the globe as a facilitator, entertainer and artist.  He is priveleged to hold the position of Chair of the Victorian Steampunk Society, one of the World's foremost Steampunk organisations.  He is Director of "The Asylum" the largest and oldest Steampunk festival in Europe and has the honour to be the adjutant of the 3rd (Foot & Mouth) Regiment.  Above all though he has an irrepressible sense of fun.

He is blessed with the companionship of Lady Elsie Tinker, costume designer, textilier and bon vivant. Together they have established a reputation for the very best in Steampunk.

This site serves as a signpost to steampunk events etc organised or attended by Tinker.  It also features some of his musings and writings and has a shop where it is possible to buy both basic notions and trinkets for the "Steampunk about town" and, from time to time, some more exclusive artworks and pieces.

Tinker would like to apologise however for the scarcity of products on his shelves.  Things have been very demanding of late and his products very much in demand.  Indeed whenever he attends any steampunk function he always returns with his conveyance emptied of goods.  He hopes to restock here shortly.

This is a very simplistic place which is easy to navigate and purchase from.  The products and devices within are displayed at a price which includes delivery by the Her Majesty's Royal Mail within the United Kingdom.  Should you wish to make a purchase from abroad you may do so but will receive a subsequent bill for any additional postage.  Rest assured that these postage fees will not be inflated in any way but will merely reflect those sums charged by Her Majesty's Mail. If you feel the fees are unreasonable simply inform us and your purchase will be immediately refunded. Alternatively you may email an enquiry stating what you would like to purchase and a complete price including delivery will be quoted to you.

Because of our work commitments in the televisual medium there may be occasional delays in replying and despatch.  Ordinarily we endeavour to post out purchases such that you should receive them within seven days of ordering.  In unusual circumstances it may take up to fourteen days and you should allow this length of time. (These times are for UK orders.)

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   (Picture by the delightful Lex Machina)

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